Database 246 is now LIVE!

After much ado, 246 is now LIVE for all platforms. Included with 246 are:-Phyrexia: All Will Be One-UnfinityThe following sets also have updates:-Secret Lair-The List

244 is up on all platforms!

Due to popular demand, database update 244 is now up on all platforms. New sets:-Jumpstart 2022-Dominaria Remastered-Starter Commander DecksUpdated sets:-Secret Lair Drop Series-The List

Database update 243

Update 243 is out! We've got the following: The Brothers' WarThe Brothers' War CommanderTransformersThe Brothers' War PromosThe Brothers' War Retro Promos

242 is Live!

Database update 242 is live on all platforms! Unfinity was giving us a bit of trouble, but this update has the following: New sets:-Dominaria United Promos-Warhammer 40K Commander-Love Your LGS 2022-Game Night Free-For-All-RCQ 2022 Promos-Store Champs 2022...

Builder database 239!

Decked Builder database 239 is out now! It includes Commander Legends: Battle for Baldur's Gate and new banlist updates!

Database update 238 is now LIVE for all platforms!

I've just pushed 238 LIVE on all platforms. It's got: Streets of New CapennaNew Capenna CommanderThe List updatesSecret Lair Drop updatesMagicFest 2020 Promo cardsIcon updates for various sets Happy building!

Database update 234

Hello all! I hope your Halloween was spooky! So are our additions to the database! -Added Innistrad: Crimson Vow and Double Feature-Added Love your LGS 2021 and WPN 2021 promos-Updated The List and Secret Lair-Updated Historic Banlist to October 2021

233 is out!

Innistrad: Midnight Hunt Commander is now live in database 233. Also included are promos for the following sets: MID, AFR, STX, KHM, ZNR, IKO, THB, ELD, M21, and MH2.

It’s Midnight, so let’s Hunt!

Database 232 update is out NOW. With it comes Innistrad: Midnight Hunt, updates to Secret Lair, Standard rotation, and banlist updates (Worldfire unbanned! and Golos has been banned). Go update!

Forgotten Realms Commander is live with 231!

So sorry for the delay! Forgotten Realms Commander is now live, along with updates to The List, the Historic banlist, and updated icons for a number of sets. Have fun building decks!