Database 216 is now live!

We are glad to inform you regarding our latest update! Database update comes with, Zendikar Rising, Urza's Saga, Modern Horizons, Scars of Mirrodin, Conspiracy 2, and Dragons of Tarkir. Also added Guilds of Ravnica Mythic Edition and updated Secret Lair, check it out...

Database 214 is live!

Kaladesh Remastered is now included in Decked Builder Windows version, check it out!

Database 212 is live!

Builder database 212 is live for all platforms! With it comes Commander Legends, Secret Lair updates, and last month's banlist!

Database Update 211 is live!

I just pushed up database update 211. It features Zendikar Rising Expeditions, Zendikar Rising Commander, and The List, as well as the Uro ban and rotation. Enjoy!

Database update 210 and a new Android build

We have returned to return to Zendikar! Zendikar Rising is now live in database build 210. Happy brewing! We also have a new build in test with Google for Android! New features include: Historic supportFaster pricingMore reliable image downloading.

iOS 4.3.9, Database 209 is Live!

Decked Builder 209 is now LIVE! The most awaited Historic format is now available on the Set search! iOS 4.3.9 fixes the loading collections from local and iCloud Drive. We will have more upcoming updates soon, please watch out!