Hi all,

Our usual provider of high quality card scans is late. As such, as an experiment, we are asking for your help in providing card photos of your Magic 2013 cards. All you have to do is:

1) Browse to


This will list the card photos we still require.

2) Snap a photo of the card in clear, bright light (preferably neutral sunlight) against a neutral background with your iOS or Android device

3) Click on a card name to display a send email form. Attach the photo and just send it to us. 

iOS tip: to attach a photo, first open your photo gallery, then long press (tap and hold down) a photo to bring up the copy menu, then tap copy. After that, flip over to the email (double-press your home button to make it faster) and then long press again to paste the photo into the email.

We will then retouch the photo as required. An example card photo taken from our Samsung Galaxy Ace is shown below.

Also, we will be more than happy to provide a complimentary copy of any of our apps for every 30 photos that we accept and use from any email address.

Help us bring HD card art to Magic 2013. Happy snapping!

– Tan Thor Jen