Hi all,

This is the tentative feature list for the next release of Decked Builder. Most of these features were actually built for the Mac version which is now waiting for Apple’s approval, and are now being ported back to the iPhone version.

– Search card improvements (search by “And” mana type, and standard/extended card sets)
– Import Apprentice decks over email
– Simple deck statistics

I’m also planning to add some preliminary Retina Display support for version 1.4 (one of our most requested feature), with version 1.5 dedicated to fully supporting the iPhone 4 Retina Display. The biggest issue with Retina Display support is the size of the card art required (over 200k per card), which is going to require lots of bandwidth. I’m still mulling over how to properly support this.

Keep the feedback coming in, and if there’s anything you want to see in version 1.4, just send them to [email protected] All comments welcome!