Hi all,

v1.4 is now undergoing beta testing for release, thanks to all beta testers who have signed up! If no new issues are found, I hope to release it to Apple, and it should be available in time for the new year. Here is the final change list:

  • All new multi-threaded card art download engine: card art is now downloaded in the background with multiple threads, leading to quicker and more responsive downloads
  • Initial support for high-definition card art is available, for Magic 2011, Scars of Mirrodin and Zendikar block cards only. Marvel at the clarity! Card scans are courtesy of the CCGHQ team at slightlymagic.net.
  • Zoom in on a card by pinching the card with both fingers outwards
  • View card text by rotating the card with both fingers in opposite directions (takes a little practice)
  • Search cards by “And” mana type, e.g. Red And Black mana
  • Search by Standard or Extended card sets
  • Internal deck format has changed to Apprentice format
  • Import decks from email, or by dragging/dropping from iTunes
  • Simple deck statistics can now be accessed from the deck card count view