… is not looking as bright as it once did.

Hi everyone,

I’m here to give you information on some future updates that you probably won’t like very much. We recently were notified by Dropbox of the following developments over there:

As part of our effort to simplify the Dropbox Developer Platform, we’re deprecating the Sync and Datastore APIs over the next 12 months.

That is fancy speech for “syncing to Dropbox won’t work in the future”. This is quite a bummer for all of us, because we relied heavily on their auto-syncing to make a user friendly deckbuilder, where you could never forget to save last night’s changes. We’re very sorry to say that’s about to change. 

Starting with our next major update, we will overhaul the save system on all our apps. We will be adding more Dropbox-like functions to try and make up for the loss in function, but so far, none of them sync automatically.

Once again, our apologies in advance for the next few times where you forget to save an update. It’s something we’ll have to get used to, I’m afraid. Thank you for your understanding.

Decked Builder Support