Introducing MagicCardMarket

When I first joined Decked Studios, one of my first goals was to find a way to get into the overseas market. I am sure that you are well aware that majority of the biggest MTG vendors on the net are located in the United States. That does not mean that we should only be focused there. 

We are happy to announce that we have broadened our network into Europe and that begins with a partnership with MagicCardMarket.eu. MagicCardMarket (or MKM for short) is a peer to peer sales site, allowing the users to act as buyers and sellers, similar to eBay.

Below you will find a short description of MKM. They were nice enough to write for us to place on the ‘Our Partners‘ page, but I wanted to share it with you here so that you don’t miss it.


Price Your Entire Deck in Euros via MKM.

“Magiccardmarket, or MKM in short, is Europe’s biggest peer-to-peer marketplace for Magic cards. With over 70.000 users in 20 countries and a total of over 5.000.000 cards, you won’t find a bigger offer anywhere else. Since the beginning in 2007, MKM has advanced to the inofficial price reference for Magic cards in Europe.

Let’s say MKM is like eBay, but all functions and services are customized to serve TCG players, traders and collectors. Our key features include:


  • Buying at MKM is completely FREE of charges.
  • Buy at fixed price only: You know what you pay.
  • All shipping costs are fixed by the system: No shipping rip-off anymore!
  • Transparent interface for easy, effective price comparison
  • Online money account: Only one payment needed, no matter from how many sellers you buy.
  • Highest security with our third-party payment system: We keep your money safe until you’ve received what you pay for.
  • With sellers from over 20 countries, get the best prices all over Europe.


  • Selling at fixed price only. No risk to sell cards too cheap.
  • No listing fees. You only pay when you really sell a card.
  • No time limit. You cards stay listed until they sell.
  • Only a very fair 5% sales commission.
  • Easy and fast selling interface. Our database contains every Magic card ever printed, so listing a card only takes 4 clicks.
  • Virtual user account: All payments are processed through our system. No need to monitor bank and/or PayPal accounts. Cashing-out your money is free of charge.
  • MKM insurance for sellers: If an order gets lost on the way, we’ll refund you!
  • 70.000 users in over 20 countries: You won’t find more potential buyers anywhere.

Check out Europe’s No.1 marktplace now: www.magiccardmarket.eu. “

With that, I present our European fans with an opportunity to buy and sell cards. The best part is that you can buy directly through Decked Builder! 

– Chris Newton