TCG player is updating the way they calculate prices, and they are finishing up foil Magic card prices to deliver to us. We will put those to good use!

To elaborate, they are changing the way they calculate Lo-Mid-Hi. This is a pretty major change, so let me explain what happened. As TCGplayer has grown to include hundreds of sellers, they started to experience occasional hiccups with their prices. For example, when a seller miss-entered or intentionally enters a very extreme price point. The biggest culprit of this issue has been the Average and Hi prices they have used for years.

Within the next 1-2 weeks they will be removing Average entirely and replacing it with Median. This will also affect the app. You will get the Median price where you used to get the average price.

They will continue to provide Hi and Lo with the planned following changes:

Hi Price: This price will be limited within a range of 5x the Median price. So for example we have the following prices in the high range: $1.98, $2.21, $2.42, $104.99. If the Median price is $1.00 then we will display a hi price value of $2.42, because the $104.99 price falls outside of 5x the Median price.

Lo Price: The same as the hi but in reverse.

We hope these changes make the app even better!