Hi everyone!

In our latest Android patch, we’ve added a function that I think has gone largely unnoticed, so I’d like to put some emphasis on it. If you’ve ever wanted to share one of the decks you’ve built with our app on Twitter or Facebook: you now can! Thanks to this new webpage:


You can use this webpage from your computer, but the easiest way is probably straight from your Android phone (iOS will follow later, once we get some feedback on this function from Android users). In the Deck page, select Share Deck, then Share Deck Online. From there, you can easily send the link to your friends for them to download the .dec file, or directly post it on Twitter or Facebook to share it with all your friends and followers! Sharing deck ideas to get feedback was never this easy.

We hope you like it- and if you don’t, let us know what’s missing!

Decked Builder Support