We are happy to announce that Planeswalker’s Library is now one of our partners! You can now check their prices and buy singles from them right from your Decked Builder application. You will need to update the database to see this new price provider. 

With so many competing Magic: The Gathering online retailers, how are you supposed to tell them apart?  At Planeswalker’s Library, we know how difficult it can be to find the best place to shop for your MTG and gaming needs.  Unlike so many other shops, we don’t want to waste your time talking about how outstanding our customer service is, how wide and affordable our selections of singles are, how fast and accurate our shipping is, or how we pride ourselves on always satisfying our customers.  Because honestly, you should expect those things no matter where you shop.  If the place where you buy your cards from can only talk about how fast their shipping is and can’t offer you anything else, well, maybe you should look someplace new.  

So why are we so different then?  Come see for yourself.  Maybe it’s our always changing Daily Deals.  Or maybe it’s because we’re the only MtG online store to offer our customers something for nothing; our unique Mana Points Rewards program lets our customers collect points and redeem them for cards and accessories.  For free.  The truth is there’s so much more to being a customer with us than just buying cards.  Our visual spoilers always bring you the latest, most up to date information about upcoming releases, and our website is always full of updated content from articles to videos.  Whether you want to shop for the best deals on cards or gaming accessories, or you just want to browse the latest MtG news, there’s always something to do.  So stop by and give us a try, it’s nicer here.   

Happy Brewing, and Happy Easter!

– Nick