Planechase 2012

Hey Guys, I have good news for the Android Decked Builder fans. We have pushed through the release of version 1.0.2, which contains the cards found in Planechase 2012. 

Planechase 2012 contains 21 brand new Magic cards and 32 new planes and 8 new phenomena that are themed toward the Planar Format. If you are not familiar with the Planar Format or Planechase 2012 (or Planechase for that matter), MTG Salvation has a very nice wiki site that can tell you pretty much anything that you would ever like to know about the product.

If you would like to read the official Daily MTG release about Planechase 2012, just click HERE.

In addition to the Planechase 2012 cards being included in this release, the patch also includes several bug fixes that prevent various crashes.

If you find any bugs, always be sure to contact us so that we can get it fixed for the next release. Please send your bug reports to  [email protected]

-Chris Newton