Hi everyone!

We’ve been working hard on some updates for our Windows app, and we have a new build out with some improvements and a bunch of fixes for all kinds of instability issues and bugs. Here is the complete changeless:


       Check that deck is saved before exiting
       Card count of search results in collection mode
       Old databases will now be cleaned up when updating


       Add Lands crash
       Card Cam crashes related to unselecting sets
       Card Cam crashes related to maximum amount of sets selected
       Update App link exception
       Exception when selecting webcam that is already in use by other program
       Crash with invalid mana symbols (hybrid from Modern Masters 2015)
       Update Database cancel issue (would re-download database)
       Help email link now works
       Error when deleting non-existing card from deck
       Other small bugs and errors

We hope you enjoy it. Happy brewing!

Decked Builder Support