Hi all,

We are pleased to announce our next app in the Decked Studios lineup — Decked Drafter (although the name is not yet set in stone). The primary aim of Decked Drafter is to help you become a better booster draft player. To achieve that end, the app will have two main features:

– expert commentary and ratings on each card, courtesy of Marlon Egolf, who was 2009’s PT Boston winner. PT Boston was a 1,500 player draft event, one of the largest ever held on US soil. 

– a simulation mode to practice drafting against computer AI bots anywhere, anytime

It certainly is an honor for us to be working with Marlon on this project — he has already set me straight on some draft ideas that I had. We are very excited about Decked Drafter, and are working hard to bring it to you. Feel free to write in to [email protected] to suggest any features you might want, or just leave your comments below.

We are also looking for several serious beta testers to help test and shape the product before launch. If you are interested, just apply to [email protected]

And lastly, some screenshots from our current builds of the app below. Enjoy!