Hi all,

We recently processed, completed and put live 230 HD card images for Magic 2013. A big thank you goes to one individual, Joel Fortin, who actually helped scan and send in 211 cards. We have sent him an iTunes gift certificate to express our gratitude.

We are currently short just four rare / mythic rare cards to complete the set. They are:

1. Stormtide Leviathan
2. Stuffy Doll
3. Sunpetal Grove
4. Worldfire

If you have the card, we would really appreciate it if you could head over to


and send us a good quality photo or scan of the card via email using the links of the page. Photos would need to be taken in a brightly lit area (preferably daylight) without a direct light shining on the card which normally causes uneven lighting. More details can be found on our previous news entry.

Help us complete the set, and enjoy the sample final images below!