I played around with Wizard’s app from a deck building perspective. It has all the basics, but I think there is plenty of room for improvements. And they seem to have copied the basic look and feel for displaying cards directly from Decked Builder (see below).

Just a few points:

– I can’t seem to swipe to browse through the cards. Instead, when I’m viewing a card, I have to hit back and then select another card to view it. Hitting back also makes the app lose my previously selected position in the list. This really irritates me.

– Where’s the HD card art?

– No way to manage your collection?

– Why does it take 4 steps to add a card to a deck? When I’m viewing a card that I want to add, I have to (1) Click the + sign on top, (2) Click Add to Deck, (3) Click the deck that I want to add to, (4) Click OK on the popup. 

– Can’t click on a card when reading an article to view it.

– No proper support for split cards, e.g. you can add Assault and Battery as two separate cards to your deck

– No proper support for Kamigawa flip cards — try searching for Budoka Gardener and it won’t be there.

They could have at least got the last two points correct since it’s their cards after all… and not to be sour grapes or anything, but it looks like they’ll be visiting some of the same bugs and issues that I have. And I guess a way to price decks and collections from the app would be nice. 🙂