We’ve been hard at work improving the algorithm that classifies MTGO decks on our site: MTGO-Stats.com. Our goal is to categorize the decks that finish 3-1 and 4-0 in a Magic Online Daily or Premier Event into known archetypes to give you the best possible information about what decks you are likely to face in online events. 

The “NOARC” category, at the bottom of the page, is for decks that fall outside the matching criteria of our algorithm. Sometimes these are known archetypes that have too few decks to have their own category, other times they are rogue decks that have broken through or perhaps the first of a new archetype rising in competitive Magic? We post these as a resource for you to quickly find decks outside of the mainstream. 
This information is all available within the Decked Builder app and you can edit and we have plenty more metagame info to come! Happy brewing!