Hi all,

Decked Builder currently uses iCloud to synchronize collections between the various devices. However, due to the need to support new devices (Android and Windows), we will be adding Dropbox synchronization to our various mobile apps. Dropbox Sync for mobile devices is extremely new (less than a month old), but it looks like it fulfills our needs. You can find out more here:


Like iCloud, Dropbox Sync lets you work with your files seamlessly whether you are online or offline, and have them automatically synced among your various devices. Also, our experience with iCloud is that it’s proving to be a difficult technology to support and get right.

Adding iCloud to Decked Builder collections took several weeks to get the first implementation correct — while it took us only a day to patch in Dropbox synchronization into our Android app. It will be launching into a beta soon (together with the iOS counterpart), and I’m personally hoping that it proves to be an easier technology to work with for synchronization. So far, during development at least, it has been a joy to work with.

– Tan Thor Jen