Hi all,

We are currently working on rolling out Innistrad support on all our apps (Decked Builder and Drafter). However, with the new transform card mechanic, the rollout will be slightly delayed as we will probably need to program special support for it. In addition, the newness of the set means that Marlon wants a bit more time to tweak the card ratings and descriptions for Decked Drafter as well.

As a special preview, we have added Marlon’s current writeup on Angel of Flight Alabaster below. Enjoy!

Angel of Flight Alabaster, rating 91
A five-mana 4/4 flyer is often first pick material regardless, so having a very relevant ability, not to mention a very splashable mana cost, makes this Angel a very powerful card.  There are a large number of spirit creatures in Innistrad, and not very many common removal spells that can deal with a four toughness creature. Big flyers and continuing card advantage are two surefire ways to win limited games, so draft this creature very highly.