Hi all,

We have just released Mac edition 2.2 to Apple — adding Modern support, deck filtering, search paging and a list of other features such as easier input of collections, preliminary support for MTGOtraders.com prices etc.

The full change list:
– When searching by format (i.e. Standard, Modern or Extended), the search will now list all cards that are legal in the format regardless of expansion (e.g. 8th Edition Giant Growth is considered Standard legal).
– You can now search for Modern cards.
– Added a way to filter cards when viewing a deck — this will allow you to search for cards within a deck, and to determine if a deck is legal for a particular format.
– You can now page through a search listing to see all the search results.
– Added a turn counter when testing decks. Clicking the turn counter will increment the turn and draw a card.
– Added preliminary support for MTGOTraders.com as a pricing source for digital card prices.
– When scrolling through the collection view, the list view on the side is synched with the main collections view.
– You can now type a number to set the quantity for a collection.
– Lo, mid and high prices are now exported from the collection CSV.
– The search drawer is now built into the deck window.
– You can now search the active collection from the deck window.
– Added a menu item to flush the price cache in the File menu.
– Added a text file export to export decks to MTGO

Check out the screenshot illustrating the new “filter by text” feature to figure out how many goblins you have in your goblin deck: