Hi all,

We are currently looking for beta testers to help test Collections on the iPhone. We would be especially interested if you use the Mac edition of the app as well, or if you use both the iPad and the iPhone to test the iCloud integration between the apps. 
If you are interested in helping to shape the Collections feature of Decked Builder, and have access to an iOS 5 device, just register your iPhone and iPad at testflightapp.com using the URL below, after which we will be able to push the build down to you. All that we ask is that you be prepared to drop us an email on what you think, and any bugs that you find.


With the release of iOS 5, we are now able to bring collections support to the iPhone using some of the new document-centric technologies, including iCloud. Collections will basically be integrated into the app using 3 main entry points:

1) When viewing a card, you can tap the SB button to input cards into your collection
2) You can view your collection from the search results page (you can also search your collection from the search screen).
3) You can filter your deck to see missing cards.

We have also revamped the search screen to make it easier to view the search criteria being applied.

The primary purpose of collections in Decked Builder is to help you figure out what cards you are missing from your collection to complete your deck, and it has been streamlined to serve that purpose. We currently do not track foils, foreign language or alternate artwork cards. 

Check out the screenshots below!