Hi all,

We are putting the finishing touches on our UI revamp for Decked Builder for the Mac, and are looking for beta testers to help test the changes before the final release. There are quite a few major changes, including:

– Support for coll2 format (i.e. foil cards) in the collections manager
– Expanded test screen by blocking out the search and deck screen while testing (screen 2 below)
– Expanded card screen — the info text can be popped up if required by pressing the (i) button below it
– Automatic split pane when viewing stats, notes or prices — you can see your changes update dynamically (screen 3 below)
– Much less reliance on splitters to ensure the window is divided correctly … the UI should just work.
– Price source selector move to the toolbar, so you only need to select it once
– Rounded corner card images images and slightly more spacing as per the iOS changes
– And lots more!

If you are interested in testing out the changes, providing your feedback and comments and seeing stuff before it’s available, kindly send the UUID of your Mac to [email protected].

To get the UUID of your Mac:


Help us make a better app for you!

– Tan Thor Jen