Dear all,

WOTC legal has decided to come down on Decked Builder again — this time to pave the way for their new deck building app, now available on the iTunes store. Unfortunately, this means that we will likely have to disable the deck building functionality on Decked Builder and focus more on just providing card prices, information and news. And we need a new icon that does not have a color wheel.

Once the DKA patch is released, I’ll be releasing a patch 2.5 to disable deck building functionality and making the app free for all. Of course, you can continue to build decks with Wizard’s new app — I think they are closing down all the other app developers too.

Thank you for your support all this time, and for writing in all your great suggestions and ideas. We still have some unimplemented ideas that do not involve deck building so work on Decked Builder will still continue unless Wizards decides to shut us down completely.

Tan Thor Jen