We are happy to announce that we have released iPhone edition version 1.6 for Apple’s approval. The complete change list for this new version is as follows:

– Added support for loading decks from and saving decks to Dropbox.
– Added Unhinged, Unglued and Starter 1999/2000 card sets.
– Added HD card art for Judgement, Unhinged, Unglued and Portal sets.
– Added function to price an entire deck.
– Prices are now cached for up to seven days by the app.
– Prices can be flushed from the cache in the Settings view.
– Decks can now be sorted by last modified time or by name when loading and managing decks.
– Deck cards can now be sorted by type (default), cost, color or name.
– Added option to search for Artifact Creatures as a card type.
– Added a splash screen.
– Miscellaneous peformance optimizations for loading larger decks.

You should expect to see it within the next week. We hope to port all these changes over to the iPad soon.