Hi all,

The collections feature was pretty well received, and we are working on enhancing it based on all the feedback we have been getting. In the meanwhile, we have added some easy wins with the following small patch that has gone out to Apple:

1. Added new sets: Premium Decks, From the Vaults and new multiplayer sets (Archenemy and Planechase)
2. Save collections more often now to prevent data loss in case of crashes.
3. Fixed crashing bug on the iPad.
4. Added crittercism bug reporting to enable more timely and automated bug reports.

This patch would be version 2.0.1 on iOS and 2.3.1 on the Mac.

We have also been getting reports of crashes while searching and browsing cards on older iPhone 3G models running iOS 4.2.1. If you are experiencing such problems, kindly send in your bug reports to us (details are on our FAQ page). Unfortunately, we are unable to replicate the crashes on our devices (we only have a 3GS though, not a 3G).