Our next update to Decked Builder Mac edition will be one of our largest yet, and we hope that you will like it. The two main features would be:

– The ability to manage a collection of cards, and to build and check decks against it

– Simplification of the existing deck building interface by eliminating the separate search window, turning many of the drawers into tabs and making the Selected Card window an inspector-style panel

Many of these changes are a direct result of your suggestions and feedback, so thank you all for writing in. Also, a special thanks to Alan Grassia and Mark McCafferty for all their feedback and testing efforts in the development of this version of Decked Builder.

The full change list for the upcoming version is listed below. I have also attached two screenshots of the upcoming version to this blog entry. We are now hard at work trying to eliminate most of the bugs before release. 

For those who are interested, you can download the release candidate of the build on the beta page at www.deckedbuilder.com. Any bugs that you can find would be much appreciated!

Change list:
– Added preliminary support for collections. Record your collection of cards on your Mac, and build and check decks against your collection.
– Revamped basic deck building user interface.
– Eliminated separate search window by integrating it as a drawer to the deck window.
– Drag and drop cards from a search listing into a deck listing.
– Enhanced deck listing to group cards by type, and integrated sideboard list into the deck listing
– Reorganized and redesigned “Selected Card” window
– Added keyboard shortcuts (+ and -) for adding/removing cards.
– Double-clicking a card on the search page will add it to the relevant deck.
– Star cards that you are considering in a deck listing for referral back later.
– View card discussion in Gatherer (from Card menu).
– View a card in the collection (from Card Menu).
– Various other minor UI tweaks (e.g. active listing will now be highlighted)
– Import text decks exported from Magic Online.
– Added help text for those overwhelmed by the changes.