Good afternoon/evening/morning to you all. I’m here to just briefly introduce myself and to tell you what I do for Decked Builder. 

   Well my name is Corbin, I am a 23 year old graphic artist who has always been interested in pursuing the “app world.” I grew up studying fine art and 3D modeling. While they were fun and amazing starting points for me, I quickly got interested in the graphic design side of things. Soo that was what I was doing in and out of school. So from then on it was all about Photoshop and Illustrator haha. 

   Over the past year and a half I have studied iOS and the SDK as much as I could on my spare time. I have now met Tan, who is a wonderful person who has decided to hire me on the team (or to make a team :P). My role here is to make sure clients are pleased with our product and all other support issues. UI design for future and current apps. Marketing and networking solutions. 

   Well there I am in a nutshell. I hope you all love this product and we can’t wait to further make it a more useful piece of software, as well as provide you all with new and innovating things as well.