Decked Builder iPhone edition v1.5.3 has been released for Apple’s approval. The main change has been a whole host of memory optimizations (many of them were lessons learnt from working on the Mac version) to reduce the memory footprint of the iPhone app. This should hopefully reduce the amount of crashing in the iPhone version, which are almost entirely due to Decked Builder using up too much memory (those HD card arts take up about 200kb each).

We have also taken the opportunity to introduce a few more small changes:

– Ability to mulligan when testing a deck
– Renamed “Mana” to “Color” in the search view
– Added a dismiss button to input text fields

Kindly drop us an email at [email protected] if you notice any change after this patch (either more or less crashes). We really hope to stabilize the apps soon, before we work on our next set of new features.