Hi all,

We have been getting to the bottom of the collections bugs / issues — thank you so much for sending over your bug reports and collection files. There seem to be several issues at play:

1) The line endings (CR/LF) of the collection files seem to be getting mixed up for some reason which is preventing them from being read properly. We suspect it could be the result of mailing the collection files around. We have enhanced our collection file reading code to properly handle these cases.

2) There seems to be a bug with the default “My Collection” handling in certain cases. Our strong suggestion is to avoid using the default created collection for now.

We also have some more goodies in store for the next patch as well which we have been working on, chiefly:

– A way to view the first 200 unpriced cards in your collection
– You can now search for 1/1 tokens, +1/+1 counters and similar queries

It’s currently in testing, and we hope to have it released soon. In the meanwhile, it would be best to avoid emailing your collection around.