Hi all,

For those interested in learning to draft better, we are happy to announce that we have just submitted Decked Drafter v1.0 to Apple for review. I will just be lazy and paste the app description that we will be using for the App Store below, as well as some sample screenshots of the final product.

A very special thanks to the following beta testers who helped us work on the final release candidates, and provided invaluable feedback: Aidan Rogers, Ramon Delgrado, Nick Parenteau, Chad Martinell, Devin Mendenhall and Steven.

We certainly hope you enjoy the final product as much as we enjoyed building it!


Decked Drafter is the only app designed to help Magic: the Gathering players improve their draft skills, featuring a full draft simulator and expert strategy tips and card ratings. 

The perfect app for any draft fan, players can pick the Magic the Gathering expansion they would like to practice with, then launch into an event against seven other A.I. opponents. Open powerful cards from sets like Scars of Mirrodin and easily sort the contents by color, type and rarity. Then pick the best card for your deck and pass the rest to your opponent, working to build the most powerful deck at the table. 

Making the right draft pick is never easy, but for the first time ever you’re not alone. Marlon Egolf, DraftMagic.com columnist and Grand Prix Boston 2009 Champion, provides a full strategy analysis for each Magic card contained within the app. Improve your strategy skills with the help of these card ratings, which give a detailed look into the power level of each card. His expert ratings are also used to tune the A.I. opponents, making Decked Drafter the closest experience to actually drafting with the pros, and an incredible strategy resource. 

After the draft is finished, build your deck using the simple interface, swapping cards around with a simple touch. Once the deck is built, test it in the draw simulator, email the list to your friends, or print out the decklist and assemble the deck with your own collection! Or access the handy card ratings and strategy tips at any time, making Decked Drafter the perfect pocket guide for your next draft event. 

Whether you’re a seasoned drafter looking to refine your skills, or a Magic noob just learning how to play, this is the app for you! Learn from the pros by practicing with Decked Drafter, and you will be sure to dominate your next draft! 

– The only Magic the Gathering draft simulator available for the iPhone or iPod touch 
– Practice drafting against skilled virtual opponents, learning which cards to pick and why 
– Access ratings and strategy tips for every card on-the-fly 

Improve your draft skills! 

– Open virtual packs from actual Magic the Gathering expansions 
– Sort the contents of each pack by color, type or rarity 
– Easily pick and pass cards using the simple interface 
– Stop the action at any time to examine your picks, or sneak a peek at your opponent’s 
– Having trouble? Check Marlon’s strategy tips; or press the Suggest button! 

Deck Building 
– Add and remove cards from your deck with a simple touch 
– Easily sort draft picks by type, cost, color or name 
– Test draw from your deck to see how it performs 
– Email your decklist to your friends, or print it out and play in real life! 
– .Dec support lets you easily import your decklist to Decked Builder, Magic Online or Apprentice 

New to drafting? Learn the rules with the included guide! 

Notes: Comes complete with access to the entire Scars of Mirrodin expansion. Additional app expansions available for purchase, including Mirrodin Besieged and New Phyrexia (soon to be available). Each of these expansions improves the Decked Drafter A.I. so it can draft with this new set of cards, and of course, features full analysis and strategy tips for every card in the set.