Hi all,

We do realize that everyone is anxiously waiting for the Innistrad release for Decked Drafter, including me actually! While Marlon has been trying to figure out the set (it’s really different from Scars), we have also been working on adapting Decked Drafter to Innistrad. 

In particular, the pack generation algorithm took us a while to figure out, and we are not completely sure of it yet. Based on empirical evidence, this is what we have concluded so far:

– Every pack contains exactly one transform card, which takes the place of a common

– We currently use the following distribution for the transform card: 3/15 chance of it being an uncommon, 7/120 chance of it being a rare, 1/120 chance of it being a Mythic Rare. Otherwise, it’s a common.

– This means it is possible for a pack to contain 4 uncommons, or two rares/Mythic rares (see screenshot below)

This is what we have observed so far from opening packs. Do let us know at [email protected] if you think otherwise!