Hi all,

It has been a busy weekend. We submitted Decked Drafter 1.1 to Apple, with the eagerly awaited New Phyrexia patch. Marlon has been cranking out the games, trying to understand the format and get some good ratings and descriptions for you. We have also added some new features as well. The full change list is below:

– Added support for New Phyrexia
– New drafts can now be restarted — see if you can do better by drafting differently.
– New drafts can now be emailed — share your drafts with your friends, and with us if you have any questions.
– Use Greek Phi symbol for Phyrexian mana symbols.
– Enhance AI to be able to recoginze creatures with alternate mana costs (i.e. Phyrexian mana)
– Added an easy way to leave feedback on individual cards — feel free to report typos or discuss card ratings and descriptions.

We have also released Decked Builder 1.7.2 to Apple. It is to fix a memory leak which has been causing some crashes in the last patch, please update to it when you get it.

Lastly, work continues on the big Mac patch, which we are really excited about. Once that is complete, we hope to port all the collections work to the iPhone and iPad versions.