Version 3.1 of Decked Builder for the Mac has been released and adds some new functionality:

  • You can now export your decklist as a text file and import into Magic: the Gathering Online
  • You can easily change all copies of a card to a different printing (M13 to M11 for example)
  • You can now sort decks by card type (Sorcery, Instant, Artifacts, etc)
  • We’ve added an alert for when a new database update is available
The new version also fixed a number of bugs, such as:
  • Sorting by collection now prints the total number of missing cards accurately. It will also allocate missing cards to the main deck first, then the sideboard.
  • Changing the price source will now update the deck price.
  • Sorting by value in collection statistics is fixed.
  • The shuffle deck crash is fixed.
  • Filtering deck lists by text box now appears in the correct place.
We hope you enjoy these changes and always appreciate feedback. Feel free to Contact Us with any questions or comments.
Thanks and happy deck brewing 

– Nick