Version 3.0 of Decked Builder for the Mac has been released and adds some exciting new features to the application. Ever wonder how running two Thundermaw Hellkite instead of three impacts your likelihood of drawing one? Stop wondering and check with our new probability calculator!

We’ve made some changes to collections as well: you can now add and manage the foil cards, merge multiple open decks for the purpose of checking against your card collection, and an add/set mode for updating card quantities.  

The interface has also been modernized and includes a number of additional enhancements to improve your deck building experience:

  • Search cards by power, toughness, and color of mana produced 
  • Sort cards by color
  • View card rarity through expansion icon color (for most sets)
  • Import decks from Magic Workstation
  • Save decks to iCloud (OS X 10.8)
  • Share your cards, decks, and entire collections (OS X 10.8)

We hope you enjoy these changes, happy brewing!

– Nick