Hi all,

Some bad news — Apple has just rejected patch 2.2.1 which was supposed to fix the Collections crashing bug. The bug is caused whenever the collections search returns zero cards, normally when you type a card name (avoid using the card name lookup for now in collections). 

The cause for Apple’s rejection? To be honest, I am not sure what it means, but I am very sure Decked Builder does not write to any file locations named ‘/Uie’. I have appealed the rejection, but will go ahead and release version 2.3 if 2.2.1 is not released by tomorrow.

Apple certainly seems to be paying more attention to App Store app quality these days!

The change list for 2.3 is similar to the iPhone/iPad releases:

– Added Innistrad card set
– Added special support for flipping Innistrad transform cards
– Added support for Legacy and EDH format when searching and filtering
– You can now toggle between viewing only unique cards or all cards from all card sets when browsing search results

Check out the screenshot below!