Hi all,

We have just submitted Decked Builder 2.0 to Apple, with the latest Collections update allowing you to:
– Easily input and start tracking your collection of cards
– Quickly check for missing collection cards in your deck
– Estimate the value of your collection
– Synchronize your collection with your other devices via iCloud

Please note that the Collections feature will be an add-on to Decked Builder, and will require an in-app purchase to activate.

A big thank you to the beta testers who helped out and submitted their feedback, in particular Kristoffer Mørch Emil Amundsen and Torbjørn Aamodt.

Attached below is a screenshot of one of the last features to be added — a way to count and price your entire collection by rarity, set and color.

We have also added the Ajani vs Nicol Bolas duel deck to this update as well.