The iPad edition of Decked Builder is now available on the Apple App Store. To be honest, it’s my favorite version for building decks right now, and it has two main features that distinguish it from the iPhone version:

  • An optimized search/deck screen that lets you search for cards and build your deck, all from a single window. No need to switch around between multiple views in the iPhone version.
  • An enhanced testing view which makes use of the larger iPad screen to allow playing cards to the battlefield, and between your hand, library and graveyard.

The iPad version was released to Apple for approval about three weeks ago, and as such, it does not have the Besieged card set yet. Never fear, I will be submitting the patch as soon as I can.

The bad news – I am unable to offer an option to upgrade to the iPad edition if you have the iPhone edition, because there is no such feature in the App Store. The great news — because of that, I am offering the iPad edition at a very special price of $1.99 for a very limited time only until 28 Feb 2011. Upgrade now!