Hey Guys, its time for an update on the iPhone/iPad for Decked Builder. The update will be version 2.9 and will be available (undertone) as soon as Apple approves it (end undertone) very soon! Until then, here are a few of the upcoming patch features:

  • Added MagicCardMarket.eu as a pricing provider. European players, rejoice!
  • Added in-app database update mechanism accessible from the Settings page.
  • You can now search for cards by the color of mana that they produce.
  • If a set or collection is selected, the search reset button will clear all other settings except those. Keep tapping reset to clear those settings.
  • The Buylist / Deck tab header has changed slightly.
  • Added a way to quickly access Decked Builder support from the Settings page.
  • Updated App Icon.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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-Chris Newton