iOS update:
If you’re an iOS user of Decked Builder, you may have noticed an update to the app went live yesterday with a long-time-coming fix for the pesky “View in Gatherer” bug that has been plaguing us for too long.

The new version unfortunately requires iOS 11, as our cloud file pickers aren’t playing nicely with iOS 10 and below anymore. In testing, we saw a little bit of weirdness with brand new files and their interaction with the Recent Files menu, but just open the file manually once and the weirdness generally goes away. If you have any trouble, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Database update:
UNSTABLE IS FIXED!!!!!!!!!111oneoneone
Unstable now has all proper alternative versions of cards in a much more graceful format. Go check it out! It’s live on all platforms

Also, you may notice Iconic Masters and Modern Masters 2017 now have HD art (though those don’t need a database update to see).

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