Upgrade away! 🙂

This version could actually help save you money by showing card prices from multiple sources at the same time. We are also giving away promo codes for the app at cardshark.com, coolstuffinc.com and mtgotraders.com — stay tuned.

iTunes seems to have broken our new icon though — gotta get it fixed.

We have also made it possible to export your collections to CSV or via email.

A list of the changes made:

– You can now toggle between different price sources when viewing a card by tapping left or right on the header arrow (note that the tap area is much larger than the arrow itself).
– You can now price just your main deck, your entire deck, or just the missing cards in your deck.
– You can now toggle between different pricing sources when pricing a deck.
– Added CardShark.com as a price source.
– Added CoolStuffInc.com as a price source.
– You can now purchase entire decks or just missing cards after pricing a deck from MTGOTraders and CoolStuffInc.
– When listing Creature cards, we have shortened the card type to make it easier to figure out what type of creature it is.
– You can now export your collection via email, and as a CSV file.
– Added instructions on importing collection CSV files in Collection Help (under settings).