Hi all,

Decked Builder 2.5 is now available on the App Store (or should be in a little while).

While we had to disable deck building, we have introduced buy lists and wish lists as a replacement. This will let you keep track of the cards that you plan to buy, as well as purchase the physical card directly from tcgplayer.com or digital cards from mtgotraders.com. All our existing deck analytics (stats, testing, filtering, sorting etc) will continue to work on buy lists, and you will be able to easily import old decks as buy lists.

Other new features include mtgo-stats.com integration from the news tab (read more from a previous blog post here), and a new price expiry feature.

In version 2.5, the app will show stale prices (older than 24 hours) pulled from it’s local cache marked with a *S next to the price. If you wait a short while, it should pull up the latest prices and display them. This means you will almost never need to flush the price cache again to see updated prices, and if you have no network connection, you can still see older prices.

We still plan to continue helping you build decks in Decked Builder, and our near future plans include increasing the range of stores and prices that you will have available in the app — making it easier for you to find the cheapest way to obtain the cards you need to build your decks in real life.

As usual, we more than welcome any feedback and suggestions at [email protected].

Check out the latest screenshots below!