Hi all,

The situation with Marlon (pneumonia) was unfortunate, and we had to search for a suitable replacement for the Dark Ascension writeups. We must apologize for the long delay but we are happy to announce that Darwin Kastle will be taking over as the main writer for Dark Ascenion.

A man who needs little introduction (but you will be getting one anyway), Darwin Kastle was included in the very first 2005 Wizards Pro Tour Hall of Fame, in the same cohort as Jon Finkel. He built his reputation on playing Limited formats and then went on to win multiple Constructed events. His Pro Tour career spanned from 1996-2004 with 17 top eight Pro Tour appearances and 3 champion titles. He was one of the first players to play Magic professionally.

A short writeup of his career can be found on the Wizards website itself:


Today, Darwin Kastle is both a game designer (he helped designed Ascension, one of my favorite non-MTG games) and a prolific writer for GatheringMagic.com, and he has kindly agreed to lend his experience and skill to our Decked Drafter app. We are certainly honored to have him writing for us.

His likeness is immortalized on the Avalanche Rider card below.

We hope to have the DKA writeups available by the end of the week.