Hi all,

The Dark Ascension writeups from Darwin Kastle are finally available. Learn to draft from a Limited master! Just update your database to version 12 from within the Decked Drafter app to get access to them.

Two sample writeups from Darwin’s style of draft are attached below:

Briarpack Alpha, Rating: 88

One of the best Green Uncommons in this set. With all of the 2/1s, 2/2s and 2/3s in this format, I’m a fan of a vanilla 3/3 for four mana in this format. The fact that it’s both an instant and a pump spell is an incredible bonus. Further, it even gives you a creature to target with your pump. This card is a great fit in any deck running Green mana.

Black Cat, rating: 48

This card has two big things going for it: it’s a cheap zombie and it has a cool ability when you sacrifice it. With the addition of Dark Ascension to Innistrad block draft, zombie draft decks have gotten more powerful and are a much better option. As a result, every one or two cost Zombie is worth considering. While Black Cat is only a 1/1, it makes a great turn two blocker because most people find its ability terrifying. In addition, it’s excellent with sacrifice effects like Altar’s Reap, because its ability helps you maintain card advantage.