On top of all the UI changes, in the upcoming version 3.0.0 release for Decked Builder, we are taking the time to revamp Collections support to add many new features that have been hotly requested. To list a few:

– You can now add foils to your collection and price them accordingly! This has to be our number one requested feature all year
– Collections are now on a separate tab of their own, and you can browse and filter your card collection by any number of criteria (color, set, card type etc). This works similarly to our previous Collection Stats, except that you can now drill down and browse into any of the numbers
– Price your collection using any pricing source
– We have split the TCGplayer.com pricing source into a TCGPlayer Lo and TCGPlayer mid, so you can choose which one you want to use
– Please note that TCGplayer does not support foil prices currently, so other sources like Cardshark would be better for pricing foils in your collection

We are also adding a new collection format (.coll2, which is based on YAML) to allow it to support foils and other features in the future. The app will be able to convert from the old .coll to the new .coll2 format. Because of the change in file format, we actually have to develop and test all 3 of our apps (Decked Builder iPhone, HD and Mac) and release them simultaneously.

Check out the screenshots below of our progress so far!

– Tan Thor Jen