233 is out!

Innistrad: Midnight Hunt Commander is now live in database 233. Also included are promos for the following sets: MID, AFR, STX, KHM, ZNR, IKO, THB, ELD, M21, and MH2.

It’s Midnight, so let’s Hunt!

Database 232 update is out NOW. With it comes Innistrad: Midnight Hunt, updates to Secret Lair, Standard rotation, and banlist updates (Worldfire unbanned! and Golos has been banned). Go update!

Forgotten Realms Commander is live with 231!

So sorry for the delay! Forgotten Realms Commander is now live, along with updates to The List, the Historic banlist, and updated icons for a number of sets. Have fun building decks!

Database 228 is LIVE for Builder

Hey everybody, Database 228 has just gone live for all platforms. Changes include the following: Modern Horizons 2 addedModern Horizons 1 retro frames addedHistoric Anthology 5 addedThe List updatedThassa’s Oracle banned in Historic

Commander 2021!

Database 227 is live now on all platforms. Strixhaven Commander, AKA Commander 2021, is live. Start throwing together some EDH decks!