Database 246 is now LIVE!

After much ado, 246 is now LIVE for all platforms. Included with 246 are:-Phyrexia: All Will Be One-UnfinityThe following sets also have updates:-Secret Lair-The List

244 is up on all platforms!

Due to popular demand, database update 244 is now up on all platforms. New sets:-Jumpstart 2022-Dominaria Remastered-Starter Commander DecksUpdated sets:-Secret Lair Drop Series-The List

Database update 243

Update 243 is out! We’ve got the following: The Brothers’ WarThe Brothers’ War CommanderTransformersThe Brothers’ War PromosThe Brothers’ War Retro Promos

242 is Live!

Database update 242 is live on all platforms! Unfinity was giving us a bit of trouble, but this update has the following: New sets:-Dominaria United Promos-Warhammer 40K Commander-Love Your LGS 2022-Game Night Free-For-All-RCQ 2022 Promos-Store Champs 2022...

Builder database 239!

Decked Builder database 239 is out now! It includes Commander Legends: Battle for Baldur’s Gate and new banlist updates!

Database update 238 is now LIVE for all platforms!

I’ve just pushed 238 LIVE on all platforms. It’s got: Streets of New CapennaNew Capenna CommanderThe List updatesSecret Lair Drop updatesMagicFest 2020 Promo cardsIcon updates for various sets Happy building!