I wanted to take a moment to blog about something that I have been working on this morning. Namely, the Decked Builder Website.

Yesterday I spent most of the afternoon developing a media kit for Decked Drafter so that we can increase our marketability and extend our media coverage. During that process, I noted that there was a lot of dust on the site and decided to spend today dusting and renovating the site. Times change and so do concepts and policies. So I wanted to ensure that what we are offering and delivering today is what the website reflects today.

Because of this, I have combed every page on the website and have improved and updated all of them. Most important was the ‘Our Partners‘ page, where I updated CardShark’s listing and added a new partner, adventuresON.com. (Welcome to the team!)

If you wouldn’t mind, please take a look around the site and let me know if everything looks clear to you; because if it is not clear to you, reader/customer, then I need to make sure that it gets corrected.

Thanks for your continued support.

Oh, and be prepared for an announcement next week! 😉

– Chris Newton,