Hi all,

We are happy to announce that (after more than a year since our first email exchange), we will finally be getting price feeds from CardShark.com onto Decked Builder!

CardShark.com is like an eBay for cards, which allows individuals (and shops) to list their cards for sale. As such, you can sometimes find lower prices for cards here compared to other vendors. Also, you will be able to see foil prices and purchase them as well. CardShark.com also provides MTGO card prices as well.

Check out the screenshot below!

Again, please note that purchasing cards through CardShark.com via the app provides us a (really) small commission which allows us to keep our image and news servers running.

We have also made the day/night switch button when viewing an Innistrad flip card slightly transparent now as well, which should make it less distracting.

Patch 2.6 is shaping up to be a pretty interesting release.