Hi all,

We have been working on improving the Card Cam recognition rates. One of our new initiatives is to restrict the image area used to search for a card image, rather than searching for a card across the whole webcam. Doing this serves many purposes:

1) Most importantly, the Card Cam does not pick up features in the background that might confuse it — it only needs to focus on a small area
2) The card fills up a larger area of the processed surface, making it easier to find
3) Less CPU required, increasing the frames per second

The next release of Card Cam on the Mac will only use the central area to search for cards, and areas that are masked out in white will not be searched. We have noticed that this greatly improves recognition rates in environments which have cluttered and noisy backgrounds.

We are also working on improving the recognition rates in other areas.

A picture tells a thousand words, so check out the screenshot below!

– Tan Thor Jen