We have been working lately on building our database of card vendors and strategy sites. I am happy to report that both Blackborder.com and MTGColorPie.com have been added to Decked Builder’s News RSS. Now you can follow both site’s content right in our app.

Blackborder.com is a strategy site which doubles as a card vendor. They are a smaller site, but have a more relaxed look at the competitive scene. You can ask questions to the resident Level 5 Judge or even the Level 7 Pro.

MTGColorPie is a blog written by resident MTG Twitter Personality @MTGColorPie (go figure right?) The blog is a one man show, and is not updated as often as a larger strategy site, however the passion for the game is obvious when you read his work. Not to mention that I have spoken with him personally on several occasions and he is a good guy.

If you happen to know of a strategy site, blog, etc. that either you run, work/write for, or follow and would like to see their content included in Decked Builder, please either contact us or the person in charge of that site and we can make that happen.

Welcome to Decked Builder guys!

— Chris Newton