Fix in test for iOS version

We currently have an iOS build (4.0.7) in test with Apple to fix Decked Builder issues in iOS 13.4 and it should be out in the next few days.

January 21st, 2020

We’ve made a few changes to our Windows build which you can now see in version 1.56.-Pressing alt+e from anywhere in the Deck or Collection windows will highlight the current text you’re searching for, allowing you to search for something new...

Decked Drafter 2 is live!

Gather ’round, folks! As you might or might not know, we have been hard at work on Decked Drafter 2, our total overhaul of Decked Drafter. Well we’re proud to announce that it’s ready for you on both Android and iOS. This is our first public release...

Database update 182!

Decked Builder database update 182 is live! Say goodbye to Oko and “Hey, I thought you died!” to Elspeth, because Theros Beyond Death and the January 13 banlist are included. Happy Building!

Decked Builder Windows version 1.56 Beta!

Hey friends, we have a few performance changes for Card Cam in this new version that you should know about. You can now control how many threads Decked Builder uses for the Card Cam under the Settings menu. We’ve also removed the limit of sets to be loaded, but...