An upcoming version of Decked Builder for Android is pioneering our new pricing screen. The deck price will be split between the main deck and sideboard, allowing you to make better decisions about the cost of a deck. The revamped screen will also include a “Find Cheapest” checkbox which when checked will choose the cheapest printing of any card in your deck, regardless of the version you have included in your decklist. If you want that specific printing just make sure the box is not checked. You can toggle back and forth to see the difference in price.  

A side benefit of this change is the ability to evaluate trades on the go. Simply create a new deck and put your cards in the main deck and your trade partner’s offer in the sideboard and go to the pricing screen to view how they stack up using any one of our vendors prices for comparison.

This new and improved price screen will be rolled out to all of our applications in the near future.