Hi all,

We are happy to announce that the Android build of Decked Builder is nearly done, and we are looking for a few good individuals to help us out in a round of closed beta testing (we will have a round of open beta testing later). If you are:

1) enthusiastic about having Decked Builder on your Android
2) comfortable installing APK files onto your Android
3) have an (preferably multiple) Android device (2.1+ API)
4) willing to leave at feedback for us

Then we will be happy to have you on board! We are looking for some help in pointing out any Android user interface issues or quirks with the app, and as usual, any bugs or feedback that you might have.

Please write in to [email protected] with a gmail email address if you are interested in joining the beta, detailing how you can help us shape the future of Decked Builder on the Android!

Customary screenshots below. Enjoy!